Best European manufacturers

Currently we work with more than 10 suppliers from around the Baltics. We carefully select our suppliers based on our written evaluation criteria, including: supplier’s history, reputation, location, offered products and many more factors.

The valuation process takes a lot of time and effort from our team. However this hard work, allows us to ensure that our clients will be supplied with products that are made from best-possible materials and made accordingly to all ethical, social and environmental criteria.

Mainly our suppliers chain consists from Baltics based companies from different textile areas.


All products are 100% inspected

Each of our clients can be confident that all the products meet all his requirements, because 100% of the products are inspected in quality control departments.

All of Our suppliers have OEKO TEX or/and GOTS internationally recognized certificates and own laboratories which are performing all necessary tests before sending samples or orders –  dry and wet rubbing, shrinkage and pilling tests, others


Baltics is an excellent place to produce

Baltics has about 1000 companies labouring in all sub-sectors of the textile industry with well qualified labour force. Well known for their flexibility and quick response, know-how and innovation, for giving importance to quality, environment and human health, sensitivity on working conditions of workers.

  • All Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) are members of European Union, EU labels on fabrics, home textile products and garments
  • Currency: Euro, no exchange rate
  • Ice-free port Klaipeda, Liepaja, Ventspils, Riga
  • Geographical proximity to main markets, especially European markets;
  • Short logistics period due to geographical proximity.