Only 100% eco friendly raw materials

We are ready to supply you with 100% organic textile products. To be considered 100% organic, for example, cotton has to meet a very strict approval process.   The certifier, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), has approved every step in the process from cotton to the finished goods.

The process begins from the time the cotton is grown, to how the cotton is transported to the mill, how it is milled, how it is bleached using oxygen based bleach (non chlorine), how the cotton is printed using *Low Impact Dyes, and must also meet a standard of fair working conditions set by the International Labour Organization (ILO). At the end of the process a certificate is provided to ensure that all of these standards have been met and approved.



Being special doesn’t just mean being exceptional, or being “better” than others at some task or ability or skill. Being special means being respected. Being loved. We can help you to create special textile products collections that will be truly loved by the customers.


Goods for kids business will be always profitable. Not an exception textile products for children and newborns. We will help to produce your products from variety of the categories:

  • bed linen for kids
  • fabrics with designs for kids
  • antibacterial and not absorbing fabrics for kids
  • cushion covers for kids
  • clothing for kids

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