We are a textile agency that makes the bridge between the customer and specialized factories, with a know-how team that follows the making of the fabrics, home textile and garments on a daily basis, since the development, through the productive phase until its shipment.

Our objective is to work in partnership with international brands looking for support in the development of their product in Baltic states.

Our young team of highly qualified professionals are all fully motivated to deal with the day to day challenges of the industry. We believe in the importance of team spirit and are proud of the level of involvement of all our team members in every project we undertake.


Major Views

Business is always based on main three pillars – price, quality, terms. To succeed you need to consider them all!


Our Aims

We will take responsibility and quality for all our subcontracted lines, which are working under our full authority and management.


Always choose professionals

One of the most important features is the flexibility we can offer to our clients. Our main focus is on reliability in quality, delivery times and prices. Due to our vast amount of experience, we know how to deal with all difficulties which may arise with suppliers involved in the process.

  • We love what we do;
  • We are innovative and creative;
  • We valorize the relations established with our customers and suppliers;
  • Results orientation;
  • Proficients.


In Fabrics, Home Textile or Clothing

You want to create your own textile brand or you want to develop existing one? We are ready to help you.

Most important in starting your private label is to find the trusted supplier. You don`t need to go the faulty way, to search suppliers, the best price and lead times. We have already done everything for you.

What are private label products?

Private label products are brands legally owned by a retailer or a supplier. The retailer does not make the goods themselves but hire a manufacturer to get it done under their own private label.

As explained, the manufacturer has no rights over the label or brand. He only gets his share of revenue by manufacturing the product.